ETHICS Yachting

Another way to find yourself,
all alone and with others…

ETHICS Yachting provides the clear link between land and sea by offering surprising stopovers which are characterized by the beauty of the landscapes, the warm local welcome, the gastronomy, and the cultural and scientific environment.

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Custom made stays to discover Occitania and its treasures

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Club One, the first top of the range boat club in France.

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A concierge service for the pleasure yachting sector and expert brokerage advice.

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They have already lived the ETHICS Yachting experience

“The boat is truly magnificent, exceptional. The idea of land and sea is very good.”


“The peaceful boat… magnificent, beauty of sweetness and kindness, welcoming and caressing from the first moment of the first view… Hands outstretched and bright light enliven the adventure… Such wellbeing, sincerity, brotherliness. What a beautiful flight!”

Daniel Herrero

“J’ai vécu une expérience en « outdoor » tout en bénéficiant d’un niveau d’excellence et de confort haut de gamme. Une journée sur l’eau remarquable, idéale pour se découvrir en équipe et se redécouvrir personnellement.”