A comprehensive range of trips

Unforgettable events tailored to your specific requirements enabling you to experience a special moment and create memories which will last forever.

In a different world, aboard the Ethics or the AppY, ETHICS Yachting offers you a comprehensive range of professional and private trips.

To embrace the constant changes in our transforming world, it is sometimes necessary to let yourself go. The land, the sea, the natural environment all bring us back to the essential values that guide us. ETHICS Yachting creates the perfect conditions for you to experience an exceptional moment. Right alongside you, ready to respond to your requirements and your dreams, ETHICS Yachting helps you to set sail towards a good way of living.

The private trips

The Discover range offers you the opportunity to connect with the sea as in order to revitalize yourself via the natural elements. A life-saving disconnection enables you to once again appreciate everyday life and discover new horizons.

Discover our different formulas of private stay, up to 10 people whilst sailing with sleeping space for 6

Heritage discovery

Discover the specific characteristics of the vineyards on the Vermeille coast thanks to the knowledge of a local wine-grower in order to understand the unusual and unique geography and ancient know-how.

Accompanied by a local wine-grower throughout your entire trip.

Private Event

Reward your people by giving them a special moment, surprise your loved ones by organizing an unforgettable event with top of the range service.

A customized stay: wedding, birthday, family trip, friends or partners.

Scientific Tourism

Discover the coastline of our region with the support of a local biodiversity specialist.

Accompanied by a scientist throughout your entire journey.

Getting started

Discover the Ferretti 550 or the Leopard 40 and learn to sail and manoeuvre these boats under the guidance of an experienced captain.

Accompanied by an experienced captain throughout the half-day experience.


Escape for a week with family or friends aboard the AppY or the Ethics, with or without skipper.

For a tailor-made stay consult us.


Professional stays

The Business range invites you to embark on the Ethics or the AppY for a professional stay.

Accompanied by our coaches and experts who will animate your stay, in a non-conformist way, your trip will be focused on collective success. A step towards The Good Company, the agile and performing organization where it’s a great place to be.
Discover our five different professional stays: Agility, Disruption, Performance, “Well-being” and Co-construction.

Capacity by boat: up to 10 people while sailing and 6 people sleeping

Agility Stay

The strength of a team lies in its cohesion and agility. Beyond the different methods and approaches, the challenge lies in the efficiency of the inter-relationship between people.

Accompanied by a coach specialized in managerial development and collective intelligence

Disruption Stay

Outside of the usual standards, it is easier to innovate by overcoming our natural reflexes. ETHICS proposes a Design Thinking accelerator that transforms and galvanizes long lasting innovation within the organization.

Accompanied by a coach specialized in business strategy and innovation management.

Performance Stay

An unprecedented situation that will involve and acculture team members in the challenges of their organization whilst allowing them to interact naturally and with synergy to ensure its effectiveness.

Accompanied by a coach specialized in leadership and operational management

Well-being Stay

ETHICS Yachting offers an exceptional environment to enable you to let go and put some distance between you and the stresses and pressures of everyday life. From the first steps on the gangway, we move into a completely different world.

Accompanied by a coach specialized in personal development and quality of life at work.

Co-construction Stay

Thanks to a ‘safe space’, you will be able to free the energies to stimulate the strength of the collective intelligence. At the end of the journey you will find the way to solidarity and cohesion.

Accompanied by a coach specialized in collective intelligence and collective development.

The cultural wealth of the Occitanie Region

Aboard the Ethics or the AppY, come and discover the diversity of our region combined with the world of yachting.

The Occitanie Region

Ethics Yachting : Ancrage territorial - région Occitanie

The Occitanie region offers a wonderful cultural, environmental and gastronomical heritage. ETHICS Yachting combines these different themes and associates them with the yachting world to offer you unforgettable stays.
By proposing new services, ETHICS Yachting allies economic growth and sustainable development, innovation and environmental protection, thus working towards the valorization and the development of our region’s coastline.

Based in Saint-Cyprien and Banyuls-sur-Mer, the sailing area includes the Occitanie coastline but also stretches up to Corsica, Sardinia, the Balearic Islands and the Costa Brava.