Privacy Service

The Privacy service is a personalized concierge service that makes yachting simple and hassle-free for boat owners. The life of the amateur yachtsmen can refocus on the use and pleasure of sailing.


We offer different refueling formulas to prepare your cruise in the best possible conditions with direct delivery to your boat and refueling packs adapted to all situations.

Dock washing

Interior and exterior washing, hull washing, polishing, buffing.


Complete responsibility of the maintenance of your boat: mechanics, electricity, electronics, air conditioning, scrubbing off.

Boat linen

Cabin linen, bed linen, bath linen, tableware.

Decoration & accessories

To make your boat feel like home, we customize and set up a stylish decoration (flowers, painting, accessories…)


After a good sailing season, we take over your boat during wintering (inspection visit, drying, protection installation…)


Conveying of motorboat or sailing boat to your holiday destination or new home port.